Non-EU Policy

Updated as of Oct 12/2023– and on-going as of Harvest 2023 – NOT Accepting Non-EU Approved Varieties.

Some new information about the marketability of the non-EU Approved corn has come to light on both of the international and domestic markets.  We have revised our policy accordingly to ensure that we are able to provide our customers with the highest and best market price for there grain.   We ask that you check in with your seed dealer to inquire about your options and confirm the varieties that you have.   If you have any questions, please feel free to call us.  

Lockie Farms Policy on Non-Approved EU Corn Varieties

At this busy and difficult time of the year, we are seeing an on going issue that arise in 2020 and is still ongoing in 2023/2024 growing season that we want to bring to your attention. There are several corn seed varieties that are available to buy/plant in Ontario but have NOT been approved for the European Union (EU). Please know that this does affect all Producers and Elevators within Ontario that grow or accept this corn. With the markets and demand for corn starting to be limited domestically with ethanol plants slowing down and expectations of the feed trade to do the same, every farmer is needing the most amount of markets to sell their grain. This will push us more into an export value market for this coming season. Also, keep in mind many domestic end user also producer by products that are marketed overseas and therefore affected. Every elevator in the province is going to have to decide to either not take these varieties or how to segregate then within the elevator. It is ultimately the producer’s responsibility to ensure that these varieties stay out of the export chain.

We have decided this growing season (2023) that we will NOT be accepting these varieties at the elevator but will work with farmers to market this corn on an off farm basis only. Logistically, handling these varieties are going to be exceedingly difficult during rush of the harvest. As a producer growing this variety will require more patience at harvest time, as the market for wet corn is very limited. If you are shipping off farm with these varieties only limited domestic market prices will be available to you. It would also mean that all drivers and producers would need to know what variety they have on the truck at the time of delivery to ensure compliance. There will be restrictions for handling this grain and information will need to be shared about growing these varieties, prior to harvest. Please take these restrictions into consideration when planting as there will be no exceptions. This will not be an easy process at harvest time, as no one wants a bill for a rejected boat in the EU.

Attached is the link with the list of non-approved seed varieties ( If this list changed during the growing season the up to date information can be found at (CSTA List)

NON-APPROVED Varieties for 2023