Grain Pricing Options

The marketing options for selling your grain today are varied and options can be daunting.  At Lockie Farms we take the time with our clients to listen to their needs and suggest different strategies to meet their business goals.  We have highlighted three different types of pricing options that are the most popular as well as our Storage Option.  Please do not hesitate to call and discuss your goals for marketing your grain with us; we are more than happy to help.


  • Price is set daily and fluctuates with the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)
  • This would be a pricing option to sell grain directly when it is delivered to our elevator or direct out of storage.
  • Price takes into account market supply and demand both nationwide and worldwide.
  • Example: Corn is $260/mt


  • This is an agreement made between Lockie Farms and the Producer to purchase a specific type of commodity at a specific fixed price.
  • The delivery of this grain is usually set in the future, i.e. harvest of 2024, February 2025, or can be made at the time of delivery to encompass current delivery and/or future deliveries.
  • Example: Corn sold in May 2024 for harvest delivery is $242/mt


  • This is an agreement made between Lockie Farm and the producer to purchase a specific type and amount of a commodity
  • The difference with a basis only contract is that it is sold with a fixed basis for a specific futures month that fluctuates with the world supply and demand on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT)
  • This allows the producer to lock in part of the price and leave part of it variable on the market.
  • Grain is paid out at 60% of the estimated value until it is fully priced. If grain is not priced prior to the last trading day for the specific futures month then the “basis” would roll (change) to reflect the current futures month until fully priced.
  • Example: 20 mt corn sold in July 2024 for January 2025 pick up at a basis of +1.35/March 2025 futures.  Fully priced would be: CBOT is trading at $5.04 for March 2024 and sold, therefore $5.04+1.35= $6.39/bus or $251.56/mt


  • Upon delivery of the grain into Lockie Farms you have the option of storing grain instead of selling it at the time of delivery.  This allows the producer to sell at times other than harvest.
  • Lockie Farms gives all producers 14 days of free storage to decide if they would like to sell their grain or continue to store it.  After 14 days, storage is calculated at $0.105/mt per day from the day of delivery.  Lockie Farms charges a minimum of 60 days storage on grain over 14 days.  After 60 days it is charged on a daily basis until sold out of storage.
  • Grain must be sold out of storage by June 30th of the following year.

Daryl & Tiffany would be happy to speak with you today about your pricing options.

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