Grain Safety

Grain bins, farming and machinery can be dangerous to every farmer. On a daily basis we handle chemicals, running motors/pulleys and unpredictable animals.

At Lockie Farms we encourage safety as much as we possibly can.

We have included a link for Grain Entrapment Document for resource and will continue to add items as we come across them.

 Health and Safety Ontario: Flowing Grain Entrapment Document

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services | WSPS

Durham Farm and Rural Family Resources holds an annual KIDS Farm Safety Day in the Spring.  Information can be found on their website.

Durham Farm and Rural Family Resources (

More links for grain safety information and tools:

Fred Spiro, Health and Safety Specialist – Ontario Agribusiness Association –

ESRT – Emergency  Services and Rescue Training, Inc.

SATRA – Safety & Technical Rescue Association –